Join Westcott Top Pro Elite Rick Sammon as he demonstrates how light placement can greatly effect the outcome of portraits. Using just one light source, photographers can obtain a range of lighting effects based purely on placement. In this Westcott video, Rick uses his Canon speedlight in a Westcott Medium Apollo softbox while shooting his subject. A series of final images shows how dramatic light placement can be and how different subtle light changes can be. Throughout this video, Rick also discusses light softness, model interaction, and eliminating shoot variables.

The Medium Apollo is a light modifier built on an umbrella frame allowing for easy setup.  It measures 28″ and gives off a square catch light in your subject’s eyes. The entire Westcott Apollo line includes recessed edges which helps give a more directional light source with limited loss of light. These light modifiers fit easily into any standard umbrella receptacle and fit virtually all style studio lights.

Rick is also utilizing the 9′ x 10′ Black Wrinkle-Resistant Backdrop. These Westcott backdrops are constructed with heavy-duty fabric that is wrinkle resistant. This is ideal for anyone doing on-location photography as the backdrop can be quickly pulled from any bag and set up instantly without wrinkles. This matte fabric it is virtually reflection free, making it a breeze to light, and is machine washable.

Top Pro Rick Sammon has published 36 books, including Secrets of HDR Photography, Exploring the Light, and Digital Photography Secrets. His book Flying Flowers won the coveted Golden Light Award. Hide and See Under the Sea won the Ben Franklin Award as well. He has photographed in almost 100 countries around the world and gives more than two-dozen photography workshops/presentations around the world each year. He hosts several classes on KelbyTraining and has a three-day class on creativeLive.


Westcott Lighting Gear in Action

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