If you are shooting outdoors though, maintaining powerful lighting is key for overpowering the sun.

Behind the Scenes Red Rocks

For this particular shoot, renowned photographer Zach Gray wants to photograph his subject outside on a very bright day. Zach knows that he’ll need to place his modifier relatively far from his subject to create the soft, natural-looking light that he desires. He also knows that he’ll need to place his light source even further from his subject for the wide shots he’ll take, avoiding the light coming into the frame.

Because of this, Zach chooses to double his light output by using 2 speedlites instead of 1. He modifies these speedlites with the 🔗Rapid Box Duo. This 32″ modifier has 2 rear-mounted speedlite brackets and will help maximize the output of his flashes.

Behind the Scenes with Zach Gray

Zach uses only the inner diffusion panel included with the Rapid Box Duo to help maintain both softness and light output. This dual-speedlite setup allows him to shoot in full sunlight at the ideal camera setting with the ideal outcome.

Powerful Lighting with Zach Gray - Portrait 3

ISO 100 • 1/160th • f11

Powerful Lighting with Zach Gray - Portrait 7

ISO 100 • 1/160th • f11


Lighting Gear in Action