Westcott Top Pro Elite Erik Valind discusses all of the features and uses of the Westcott Strobelite Plus in this video tutorial. The Strobelite’s modeling light has two power levels. Modeling lights are a helpful feature to prepare and focus a camera prior to the flash. This lamp also has a fine-tuned power adjuster, giving photographers the ability to dim this light to whatever level they need.  Their is also an option for long-range optical cell. This cell will automatically see any other lights during a shoot so that all flashes are set off simultaneously.

Raised in Florida, Westcott Top Pro Elite Erik Valind is a freelance photographer now living in New York City. Erik specializes in commercial lifestyle photography and environmental portraiture. Erik is inspired by the diversity and activities of people and society. He has lent his expertise to shape the public image of numerous national brands. Erik also shares his visual techniques and passions for photography internationally as a speaker at major photography conferences. He is also a Kelby Training instructor.

The Strobelite Plus pairs the highest quality engineered components with a compact and lightweight outer shell offering power, precision and portability at an affordable price. The Strobelite incorporates an adjustable light output, fast recycle times, and the option for adjustable modeling lamps. A built in optical cell and ready beep can be turned on and off independently and strobe power automatically dumps when adjusted from high to low.

Westcott Lighting Gear in Action

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