Introducing the new Eyelighter White Fabric.

Renowned portrait photographer Zach Gray offers an in-depth comparison between the original silver fabric and the new white fabric in the Eyelighter portrait video above. This new fabric is a must-have accessory for every Westcott Eyelighter user. The soft white surface of this reflective fabric offers a smoother and less specular bounced light compared to the Eyelighter’s original silver fabric.

The popular 🔗 is the world’s first curved photography reflector. This unique light modifier fills in shadows and creates a unique catchlight that follows the natural curve of the iris. Unlike tri-flectors, this catchlight created by the Eyelighter is seamless without unflattering gaps. This innovative tool not only provides pristine catchlights, but also reflects a stunning, clamshell lighting. The White Eyelighter Fabric is easy to place on the Eyelighter’s frame. It is constructed with durable stitching and quality fabric for years of use in the studio.

Lighting Gear in Action

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