Canadian portrait photographer Craig Beckta used a wraparound key light setup for this portrait. While it can often be expensive to create large key light source in-studio, Craig decided to use an affordable Westcott 7′ Parabolic Umbrella. These large modifiers are available in reflective white, reflective silver, white shoot-through versions.

Here, Craig uses the Standard Umbrella - Silver Bounce (7') reflective silver umbrella. He positions his strobe pointing into the umbrella, bouncing and maximizing the output. This creates a super broad, specular light output that wraps around both Craig and his model.

Craig is also using two rectangular softboxes with grids as rim lights. These are positioned behind his model on each side of the frame, giving the image more depth.

Modifying a Key Light with a Parabolic Umbrella

Lighting Gear in Use

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