Photo Pros Weekly is a podcast produced by Westcott Lighting centered around conversations with professional photographers. New podcasts are published every Tuesday. 


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Episode 1: Peter Hurley

Hear the best decision Peter made for his photography career.


Episode 2: Eli Infante

Eli talks about learning and teaching photography and shares some tips.


Episode 3: Sandra Coan

Sandra Coan dives deeper into photographing infants, children and mothers.


Episode 4: Jerry Ghionis

Hear how Jerry finds the business side of photography to be a creative tool.


Episode 5: Bob Davis

Tune into Bob’s lighting techniques and why he prefers some over others.


Episode 6: Jermaine Horton

Listen to Jermaine Horton share his perspective on making clients see themselves in a different light through photography.


Episode 7: Lindsay Adler

Beauty and fashion photographer, Lindsay Adler, opens up about how she steps out of the box to create and capture unique photos.


Episode 8: Yaneck Wasiek

Hear what Yaneck has to say about staying consistent with your photography style.


Episode 9: Joel Grimes

Joel Grimes discusses his determination to pick up critical skillsets outside of photography and how he applies them to his work.


Episode 10: Jen Rozenbaum

Boudoir Photographer and Breast Cancer Survivor, Jen Rozenbaum opens up about pushing women to celebrate their unique femininity.


Episode 11: Will Cadena

Hear what Will’s advice is on keeping clients coming back and expanding your photography into the business world.


Episode 12: Jonathan Thorpe

On the season finale, Jon Thorpe closes it out telling us about his best advice for photographers everywhere and what his favorite fast food obsession is. Don’t miss it!