Professional product photography can make all the difference in your success selling crafts and goods online. Quality products are best shown through quality images, which illustrate better detail and more appealing aspects of any craft or item. Creating these superior images can be done easily in the comfort of your home with simply lighting, a diffusion tent, and softboxes.

In this video tutorial, Westcott Top Pro educator and photographer Erin Manning use the DigiTent and the Erin Manning Home Studio Lighting Kit to create the perfect home studio for product photography. The DigiTent Light Tent (30") is a collapsible diffusion tent that softens lighting and acts as the perfect backdrop for product imagery. Folding down to 1/3 its open size, the DigiTent sets up in seconds and is extremely lightweight for quick floor or tabletop placement.

The uLite Home Studio Lighting Kit is placed on either side of the DigiTent, without diffusion panels. This allows for soft, even lighting of the products within the DigiTent. This studio lighting kit features two uLites with 85-watt fluorescent bulbs, providing a safe, daylighting balanced light output. Resisting heat, these uLites are essential for close placement to the DigiTent. Both the Digitent and the Home Studio Lighting Kit are part of Westcott’s Basics line, offering educational and affordable equipment for amateur and enthusiast photographers.

Erin Manning is a professional photographer, author, educator, and media personality, well-known as the host of DIY Network’s Telly Award-winning TV series The Whole Picture. Erin is dedicated to educating amateur photographers.

Ambient Lighting: Product Photography

Ambient Lighting


Product Photography: with lighting

With the Home Studio Lighting Kit


Westcott Lighting Gear in Action

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