In Part 2 of Sigma‘s boudoir photography series, Westcott Top Pro photographer Jen Rozenbaum discusses how to pose your client in a small location or studio.

While scouting for portrait locations at a historical mansion in Long Island, boudoir photographer Jen Rozenbaum came across a beautiful but small dining room with floral wallpaper. Finding visually appealing walls like this is an ideal situation for photographers who minimize the gear that they carry on shoots, eliminating the need to bring backdrops and backdrop stands on-location.

To capture beautiful images in this enclosed space, Jen knows that she will need to use compact lighting gear, the right camera lens, and smart posing techniques to frame the image properly. To balance the available light pouring into the room from nearby windows, Jen uses one diffused 10″ x 10″ Flex LED mat placed on a lightweight light stand in front of her model. This ultra-compact light source is an ideal choice for photographers working on-location or in a small studio. Plus, this Flex LED has a daylight color temperature of 5600K, making it a perfect light to use in conjunction with window or outdoor light.

Because Jen is working in such a small space, she chooses to shoot with a Sigma 50mm Art Lens. This lens has a minimal focusing distance, allowing Jen to capture a tight shot in camera.

Jen places her subject very close to the wall, allowing her to keep the wall’s molding out of frame and creating the illusion of shooting on a seamless backdrop. She photographs 3/4 shots and head shots, which further helps to keep the wall molding out of frame. When doing this, it is important to remember to not cut off parts of your subject’s body, such as hair, fingers, or arms.

How to Pose - Final Image by Jen Rozenbaum

To show off her model’s curves, Jen instructs the model how to pose by pushing her hips back and placing her hands on the smallest part of her waist. This pose accentuates the model’s curvy figure in her portraits. Jen captures a variety of shots by moving herself and not the model, giving her a nice range of images to choose from.

How to Pose - Final Image by Jen Rozenbaum 2

To see more of Jen’s boudoir series, visit Sigma’s blog.

How to Pose - Final Image by Jen Rozenbaum 3

How to Pose - Final Image by Jen Rozenbaum 4

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