While shooting on a roof top in Ottawa, Canada, Top Pro lifestyle photographer Justin Van Leeuwen experiments with diffusion and modification options to best overpower the sun to capture the best portraits of his client.

First, Justin uses a Scrim Jim Cine Frame (4' x 6') with a 1-stop diffusion fabric. This method is super simple way to tame harsh sunlight, creating a soft, natural glow.

JVL - Scrim Jim Portrait

ISO 200 • f2 • 1/3200

While this diffusion method does create a beautiful light, Justin wants to add a little more punch to the image and needs to be able to overpower the sun. To do so, Justin adds in the Rapid Box Duo Octabox with Built-in Speedlite Mount (32") fitted with 2 Canon 600EX-RT speedlites.

JVL - Rapid Box Duo Overpower the Sun

ISO 200 • f2 • 1/6400

The Rapid Box Duo allows photographers to quickly mount up to 2 speedlites in the softbox and features both an inner and an outer diffusion panel for extra soft lighting. Built on an umbrella-style frame, the Rapid Box Duo sets up almost instantly and is perfect for on-location photo shoots.

Since many photographers do not own a large scrim system, Justin then removes the scrim and places the Rapid Box Duo in the same direction as the sun to demonstrate a third method to overpower the sun.

JVL - Rapid Box Duo 2

ISO 300 • f3.2 • 1/6400

Lighting Gear in Action

Justin Van Leeuwen is a commercial portrait photographer based in Ottawa, Canada. To see more of his work, please visit his website or Facebook page.

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