Westcott Top Pro Photographer

“I love what I do every day!” Eric Wagner looks forward to spending the day with the people he works with including talent, models, assistants, art directors, hair & makeup artists and clients. “I look forward to creating something that has been pre-visualized for months and then bringing it to life while surpassing expectations.”

Eric’s passion is for bringing forward elements that are purposeful and vivid. His images engage with their crispness and unexpected point of view. Even if he’s shooting food or architecture, his work is always intentional and personality driven.

“There’s something so satisfying about honing in on the power and emotion of a person, place or object, while eliminating all distractions,” explains Eric. “The result is striking and elegant. I love to see, polish and present the extraordinary that lives in the balance between highlight and shadow.”

Eric Wagner's Favorite Westcott Gear: