Boudoir photography is often captured in a studio or home with artificial lighting. But when windows are available and the sun is shining, boudoir photographers can take advantage of natural light. While daylight is a beautiful (and free!) light source, a reflector is an essential ingredient for perfecting natural light.

Behind the Scenes

In this case, photographer Jen Rozenbaum finds a simple clean wall to shoot against near a window in a hotel suite. While she has plenty of available light to illuminate her subject, the direction of the light is creating harsh shadows on the left side of her subject. So, she simply has her assistant bring in a silver reflector left of the camera to bounce some of that sunlight and fill in those shadows.

Reflectors are super portable, affordable, and easy to use. Plus, there are even compact mounting solutions for photographers shooting without an assistant. There’s really no excuse for not bringing one along on every shoot to ensure professional-quality shots.

Lighting Gear in Action

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