Westcott invites you to an inspirational lecture with Joel Grimes, a commercial advertising photographer, who has been working in the industry for over 30 years. Many consider Joel to be one of the leading instructors on lighting, He is an instructor with Kelby Training, and currently has a show on the FramedNetwork called ‘Joel Grimes, LitUp’. Joel literally takes the mystery out of lighting, and the confusion that comes with it when choosing the right modifiers, lighting ratios, flash meters, histograms, etc….. “I am not surprised that for most of us we end up getting a migraine headache trying to figure this whole lighting thing out”, says Joel.

In this lecture Joel will share the single greatest fundamental rule of lighting that will shatter your perception of how lighting really works. “I love setting people free from the technical burdens that bog us down and move forward into the creative process.” Joel will also attempt to shatter the standard view of how we define a “Photographer” and present a new model that moves us toward viewing ourselves first and foremost as “Artist”.


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