Westcott Top Pro photographer Kevin Kubota heads to a park near Westcott HQ to capture effortless high school senior portraits with the LunaGrip Handheld Speedlite Mount speedlite modifier.

Behind the Scenes with Kevin Kubota

Designed by Kubota, the LunaGrip is a unique grip that allows photographers to pair their speedlite and favorite diffusion disc. The LunaGrip creates beautiful but manageable lighting. This handheld bracket features an adjustable shoe-mount, comfortable handle, and three collapsible grip arms.

High School Senior Portraits - Kubota 6

By placing his subject in a shaded area, Kevin is able to underexpose his background by one stop. Not only does this help his subject “pop” from the background, but it also allows the ambient light to act as a fill light.

High School Senior Portraits - Kubota 5

Pairing this technique with a single LunaGrip and speedlite effectively creates a dimensional, eye-catching senior portrait. And, Kevin’s setup did not require light stands, softboxes, or cables.

High School Senior Portraits - Kubota 3

f/1.8 • 1/2500 • ISO 100

As Kevin mentions in the video, lighting for photography is less about adding light and more about sculpting shadows. To switch up the lighting, Kevin brings in a second LunaGrip Kit. This LunaGrip is holding a silver reflector and is positioned below his subject. With the speedlite-mounted LunaGrip above, Kevin creates clamshell-style lighting.

Behind the Scenes with the Luna Grip

Clamshell lighting is very soft and flattering, and is especially useful when photographing high school seniors.

High School Senior Portraits - Kubota 1

High School Senior Portraits - Kubota 7

With 2 very easy-to-use LunaGrips, a reflector panel, and a diffusion panel, Kevin was able to capture a variety of beautiful portraits in just one location.

High School Senior Portraits - Kubota 4

High School Senior Portraits - Kubota 8

The LunaGrip is available LunaGrip Handheld Speedlite Mount or in a LunaGrip Kit including a Collapsible 5-in-1 Reflector with Sunlight Surface (40").


The LunaGrip On-Location Photography

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