Westcott Top Pro Elite photographer Bob Davis discusses the use of the new ProGrip Speedlite Handle in this video tutorial. An avid speedlite shooter, Bob is an expert in creating beautiful images with off-camera flash. The Westcott ProGrip Speedlite Handle is available both on its own or two kits, the ProGrip Umbrella Kit and the ProGrip PocketBox Kit. Preferring a larger light source, Bob uses the ProGrip Umbrella Kit with a 43″ White Umbrella with a removable black cover. The umbrella is placed within the umbrella shaft  and held in place by simply tightening a knob. The handle includes two adjustable cold shoes, one is used to place a speedlite and the other is typically used to place a radio trigger or transmitter. Bob uses the Canon 600 EXRT speedlite, which incorporates a radio trigger within the unit.


By leaving the black cover on the umbrella, Bob utilizes the ProGrip to reflect light back toward his subject. This softens and diffuses the light source. He also demonstrates the use of the umbrella as a shoot through, by removing the black cover and shooting toward his subject. This creates an even more diffused, wrap-around light source. The ProGrip is easily handheld due to a hand-molded design. It is also easily placed on a light stand with the incorporated quarter-20 stud.

Bob Davis in an internationally-renowned wedding and portrait photographer. His work has received publication and numerous awards. He is also an expert on photography education, hosting seminar and workshops throughout the world.

Westcott Lighting Gear in Action

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