Ottawa, Canada commercial photographer Denis Rule discusses the feature of the new ProGrip as he shoot in-studio.  The ProGrip is a versatile and super comfortable speedlite handle designed for off-camera flash photographers. It is uniquely designed to mount speedlites and radio triggers onto one hand-held custom molded grip and modify any speedlite’s output by simply adding various  modifiers, including the Triple Threat, Micro Apollo, PocketBoxes, or any traditional photo umbrellas. The Westcott ProGrip Speedlite Handle is available both on its own or two kits, the ProGrip Umbrella Kit and the ProGrip PocketBox Kit. Here, Denis uses the ProGrip Umbrella Kit with the 43″ White Umbrella . The umbrella is placed within the built-in umbrella rod receptacle and held in place by simply tightening a knob. The handle includes two adjustable cold shoes, one is used to place a speedlite and the other used to place a radio trigger or transmitter. A light stand thread is also built-in to the ProGrip for quick mounting.

Denis gives examples of different ways the ProGrip Umbrella Kit can be used in-studio by utilizing the system as a shoot-through and as a reflecting speedlite modifier. By simply placing the model and modifier closer to a white wall, Denis is able to reflect his speedlite back onto his model.

Image 1 with Dennis Rule and the ProGrip Umbrella Kit

Image 2 with Dennis Rule and the ProGrip Umbrella Kit

Dennis Rule: Final Image 3 with the ProGrip

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