Westcott Top Pro photographer Matt Hernandez discusses the features and benefits of the Rapid Box XXL while shooting sports-themed senior portraits in this latest review. With quick set-up and a lightweight frame, Matt is easily able to use this large modifier throughout his on-location shoots. The Rapid Box XL and XXL offer two removable diffusion panels, an inner and an outer, which allow for precise light softening. A Rapid Box Deflector Plate XL (2040-DP) is also available for these modifiers, which allows photographers to gain a more specular, beauty dish-style light source. Matt prefers using the Rapid Box XXL as a beauty dish to overpower bright sunlight when shooting outdoors, giving a beautiful contrast between his subjects and their surroundings.

Designed with a umbrella-style frame, the Rapid Box Octa XXL with Built-in Speedring (2041SKY) is the ideal modifier for on-loaction shooting. Supporting a variety of strobe and continuous light heads, this 48″ octagonal softbox features a built-in speedring for quick mounting without the need of additional brackets. It’s deep profile, reflective interior, and diffusion options provide a broad, evenly reflected light output.

Kentucky-based sports photographer Matt Hernandez combines his background in graphic design, his love for photography, and his passion for sports to create stunning athletic portraits and composites. Matt is the recipient of an array of awards for both photography and design, including  Editor’s Choice from the National Association of Photoshop Professionals and People’s Choice at the Google Plus Photographer’s Convention.

Senior Portrait 1 by Matt Hernandez DSC_7912-Edit DSC_7889-Edit DSC_9237-Edit


Westcott Lighting Gear in Action



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