In this article, world-renowned photographer Jerry Ghionis demonstrates cool ways to use the inner diffuser panel of the recently redesigned Omega Reflector 360 (40"). This panel is an essential tool when shooting outdoors to diffuse harsh sunlight and can also be used indoors to soften harsh or bright window lighting.

Behind the Scenes with Jerry

The Setup

A suction cup hook is included with the Omega Reflector to quickly mount the unit directly onto a window. This eliminates the need for stands, arms, or even assistants.

FInal Image with Omega Diffuser

Final Image

While shooting at his rooftop studio in Los Angeles, Jerry’s wife holds the large collapsible diffusion panel above Jerry’s subject to soften the overhead sunlight.

Before Omega Reflector


This diffuser was included with the original Omega Reflector, but you can create the same effect with a more traditional collapsible diffuser. These are available in a range of sizes, including a large 48″ x 72″ option.

Behind the scenes Omega Reflector

After Omega Reflector


This diffusion panel can also be used to instantly soften artificial light sources, such as speedlites, strobes, or LEDs.

Behind the scenes Omega Reflector

For more ideas on using the Omega Reflector, read our article on Using the Omega Reflector as a Shoot-Through.

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Lighting Gear in Use

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