Photographer Kelli D. from West Virginia had the chance to review the Rapid Box Speedlite System for us in this week’s Real Deal Review. The Rapid Box features a very quick setup, along with a gorgeous output of light from a single speedlite.  The Rapid Box allows photographers to mount their speedlite flash on the outside of the modifier for those photographers who need line of sight. The Rapid Box comes in three different sizes. The largest Rapid Box is the 26″ Octa, followed by the 20″ Octa Mini, and the third option is a 10″ x 24″ Strip.

The most unique thing about the Rapid Box is the ability to turn it into a beauty dish with the addition of the deflector plate. This optional $20 accessory will allow for a more dramatic lighting effect. Finally, see some real photo examples that Kelli was able to capture during this review and see the quality of light in real life scenarios.

If you want the chance to test Westcott products, film yourself in a review, then keep the product, please apply here.

Westcott Lighting Gear in Action

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