Join Westcott’s Brandon Heiss in this deep dive on flash photography using the FJ Wireless Flash System.

In this free photography lighting video course, you’ll learn about on-camera lighting vs off-camera lighting, what power of flash to use in different situations, and the techniques for on-camera flash to get you started in flash photography. Lighting is arguably one of the most important things to learn when it comes to photography because of its ability to avoid post-production and create a unique look for you and your work. Having the proper flash photography system ensures your photos are consistent in color and quality, which is one of the reasons why the FJ Wireless Flash System is a great family to learn with.

When recreating midday sun (or harsh sun light), the most important thing to do is use a hard light source high above your subject to create very defined shadows. Since we were already shooting midday, you are probably wondering why I decided to use off-camera flash instead of natural light. One of the main reasons was simply due to the fact that it was a very hot day and we wanted to shoot in the shade to keep my subject as comfortable as possible. Another important reason for this choice was to use my off-camera flash to control precisely where the highlights and shadows were falling on our model’s face.

The FJ Wireless Flash System includes the FJ400 Strobe 400Ws with AC/DC Battery, FJ200 Strobe, and FJ-X3 M Universal Wireless Flash Trigger. All FJ flashes are designed to work together seamlessly with unrivaled 5500K color temperature stability and lightning-fast recycle times. The FJ Wireless Flash System features an intuitive menu system that makes a perfect solution for various levels of photographers.

In this flash photography course for beginner photographers, Brandon explains the importance of high-speed sync (HSS) when shooting outside in the sun and demonstrates how the pulse of the flash exposes your subject. He also expresses the significance of through the lens (TTL) metering, recycle time, ambient light, and the importance of groups and channels. These factors all play a critical role in proper photography lighting with flash..

Watch Top Pro Photographer, Eli Infante, use the HSS capabilities on the FJ200 outside in the full sun.

Lighting Gear in Action

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