Westcott, an industry-leading innovator of photo and video lighting products, teamed with photographer Larry Peters in early 2014 to pioneer a unique tool for portrait photography. The Eyelighter, designed by Peters, is the only curved reflector available on the market.The Eyelighter by Westcott

This new partnership combined the highest quality construction with cutting-edge design. This truly brought Larry’s vision to life at a lower price point due to bulk-manufacturing. Fashioned with highly-reflective silver fabric, a durable aluminum frame, and compact disassembly, The Eyelighter is an essential addition for beauty and portrait photographers.

The Eyelighter and Larry Peters

The Eyelighter’s exclusive arc-shaped design is built to create a catchlight with the same curvature of the human eye. This natural-looking reflection creates a high-key appearance in portrait, fashion, and beauty images. Unlike tri-fold or flat reflectors, this catchlight is seamless without unflattering breaks. This curve is constructed with premium reflective fabric, allowing for an optimum wrap-around reflection, evenly illuminating your subject. The frame and support rods feature an aluminum build, which is durable yet lightweight for easy setup and travel.

The Eyelighter by Final Portrait 2The Eyelighter by Final Portrait

Lighting Gear in Action:

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