Westcott Top Pro portrait photographer Kevin Kubota demonstrates how to shoot with an ND filter to gain the effect of high speed sync, allowing you to shoot day for night with speed lights.

In this video, Kevin modifies his speedlight with a warm gel and the LunaGrip Handheld Speedlite Mount. Designed by the internationally-acclaimed photographer, the LunaGrip is a one-of-a-kinda speedlight handle that allows for instant and portable speedlight modification. The LunaGrip pairs virtually any speedlight with standard reflectors or diffusion discs on a single, lightweight handle.

Day for Night with Kevin Kubota - Before


Day for Night with Kevin Kubota - After


The LunaGrip can mount any diffusion disc sized from 20″ to 42″. This speedlight modifier creates a stunning, ultra-soft output and an ideal round catchlight in the eyes of your subject. The LunaGrip Handheld Speedlite Mount can be purchased separately or in a complete kit with Westcott’s 5-in-1 Reflector and 1-stop diffusion disc.

Lighting Gear in Use

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