Join renowned photographer Jerry Ghionis on this 20-part behind-the-scene video series with the Ice Light 2.

Nikon Ambassador Jerry Ghionis is widely regarded as one of the top wedding photographers in the world. Based in both Melbourne and Beverly Hills, Jerry has developed a successful career based around his unique ability to capture the magic of individuals. His creative vision led him to design both the Ice Light and the Omega Reflector, two completely unique and game-changing lighting tools for photographers.

The is the second generation portable LED light source for filmmakers and photographers. This compact yet powerful light source weighs a mere 20 ounces and packs a punch with an impressive 1740 lumen output. This high-end light is perfectly daylight-balanced at 5600K and renders beautiful colors with a high 96 CRI rating.

The Ice Light 2 features a removable battery that allows for 60+ minutes of full-power runtime. Its sleek digital display allows for precise 18-step dimming, which can also be operated via iOS devices with the available Westcott app.

Throughout this Master Series, we’ll cover all of Jerry’s unique techniques and lighting setups during his stunningly classic portrait session at the Libbey House in  Toledo, Ohio.

Watch all episodes by clicking the playlist icon in the video below.

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