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João Carlos - Final Headshot 3

João Carlos - Final Headshot 2

For my second proper shoot with the Ice Light, I decided to create some black and white portraits in the studio. I had recently been at Just Models to have a look at books and polaroids; I am always interested in seeing fresh new faces and some familiar faces that have that summer glow. But then sometimes it’s the older models’ or actors’ faces I fall in love with. Such is the case of Fransico Cipriano.

I set up a date that was convenient for the both of us later that week and I didn’t want to take up more than an hour of his time or mine. That’s actually a lot more time than I sometimes get on certain high profile shoots or when dealing with very busy clients. I wanted to see what I could create using only the Ice Lights. The results are below with some iPhone BTS of the setup. I wanted to focus on the details in his beard and grey hair, so the Medium Format Hasselblad H3D39 was a good choice.

Behind the Scenes

I mounted the two Ice Lights on lights stands, with the rotating head so I could better position them. I like using them in a V position, focusing the main light on the face and having beautiful fall-off. This makes for a nice light gradient. To add a little extra fill I use one of my favorite tools: the Tri-flector (which is no longer available for sale). The next great option and I think over all much better solution is the Eyelighter. Just the fact that it folds up onto a very portable size is fantastic. When shooting on location I like to always have options and sometimes size and transportability are everything. That’s another of the favorite things I like about my Ice Light kit: I can get a lot of options out of a very compact but still very high quality kit of light.

Behind the Scenes with the Ice Light

João Carlos - Final Headshot 1

Lighting Gear in Action

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