Ice Light 2 Sweepstakes

CLOSED: Ice Light 2 Sweepstakes

Now through May 15th, you can enter to win the Ice Light 2! This portable LED light source is 50% brighter than the original with a removable lithium ion battery, digital output display, 18-step dimming, and built-in bluetooth capabilities!
Ren on Cinematic Lighting 7

Subtle Cinematic Lighting

This article on cinematic lighting is courtesy of lifestyle and celebrity portrait photographer Haoyuan Ren.  When my client came to me about this shoot, he asked for raw, cinematic photographs that captures...
Sandra Dee - Photopro 2014 Winner

Photopro 2014 Shootout Winners Announced

At a variety of conferences, events, and expos throughout the country, Westcott hosts inclusive photo shoot opportunities for event-goers, including live models, themes, backdrops, and, of course, impeccable li...