Award-winning Seattle food photographer Steve Hansen captures stunning food photography images with amazing depth and dimension. This can be extremely difficult when working with flat surfaces, as the camera is typically capturing the image straight-on from above.

To improve the dimension in his food photography, Steve utilizes the Ice Light. He places 2 of these compact LED light sources to the left of his subject, a delicious-looking duck and fruits.

Both Ice Lights are equipped with barndoors to really direct the light output. The first Ice Light is mounted high above the food, acting as a main light. To gain dimension, the second Ice Light is located directly left of the food, almost parallel to the subject.

Food Photography Lighting Setup

The soft, daylight-balanced output of the Ice Light mimics window light and adds beautiful specularity to Steve’s final image.

Adding Dimension to Food Photography

To see more of Steve’s creative food photography, please visit his website.

Lighting Gear in Action

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