When shooting portraiture, it is often easiest to shoot with continuous lighting. Continuous lighting allows photographers to visualize their final image as they are shooting, giving the ability to adjust camera settings and lighting power instantly. While continuous lights are often bulky or heavy, the Ice Light LED weighs under 2 lbs for extreme portability. Photographer and educator Terry White uses two Ice Lights to demonstrate lighting for fashion photography. Given the Ice Light’s portability, Terry positions the first Ice Light on a Gorilla Pod wrapped to a staircase banister. The second Ice Light is positioned on another light stand to the left of his model, acting as a fill light to add dimension to his image. Running on battery power, the Ice Light does not need to be plugged in to use, adding to it’s portability features. While shooting, Terry notices a hot spot on his subject’s face. He is able to adjust his camera immediately, without needing to readjust afterward as he would when shooting with a flash or strobe. Terry is also able to adjust the Ice Light’s output to assist in eliminating the hot spot.

Lighting for Fashion with Terry White Final 2

Lighting for Fashion with Terry White Final 3

Lighting for Fashion with Terry White Final 4

Lighting for Fashion with Terry White Final 1

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