This Photography blog post using the Apollo Orb was originally written by Photographer, Charles Williams of Erudite Photography based in Ottawa, Canada.


This photo shoot had to be one of the most inexpensive shoots I have had yet. The only thing I didn’t have, that I had to buy was baby powder for $5. Just like most photographers, often I want to complicate pictures with excessive lighting set ups. For my last few shoots I have fallen in love with using a Nikon SB-900 with a Westcott Apollo Orb. My good friend Mark is an experienced martial artist and shooting him with his gloves on made perfect sense. Using baby powder to create a smoke effect in the picture gave an extra element to the photo that adds depth.


By simply filling an old film container with baby powder worked perfectly. I highly recommend if you do decide to do a similar shoot make sure to take pictures outside because the baby powder gets into everything. Wind from outside will make the baby powder airborne as well.


With limited time and a lot of wind this has to be one of the most rough looking photo session set ups I have ever done. I used 2 small slave flashes on the ground to help illuminate the baby powder in the photographs. I used the Westcott Apollo Orb with a Nikon Sb-900 to light mark in the photograph. The Westcott Apollo Orb is my favorite on location light modifier.

Westcott Lighting Gear in Action

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