Professional photography educator Erin Manning takes the Pocket Box Max modifier for a spin while photographing children at the Toledo Zoo. Constructed with the same materials as larger softboxes, Westcott Basics Pocket Boxes are the simplest tools for modifying your speedlites and flashes.

Whether you’re shooting with the flash on a stand or on-camera, Pocket Box Flash Softboxes eliminate red eye, diffuse harsh lighting, and assist you in balancing ambience. The Pocketbox’s ultra-reflective silver interior maximizes light output. All PocketBoxes come with a removable inner diffusion panel that helps spread the light for a soft, even output. Frames are built with a heavy-duty, flexible wire framework.

Basics Pocket Box softboxes are available in a large rectangular, mini rectangular, and a round version. Each version can be used on virtually all flash systems. Pocket Boxes attach with a simple elastic strap, that is both secure and convenient. All Pocket Boxes feature an extremely reflective silver interior, which maximizes the output of your flash.

These little modifiers are available separately or together in the Erin Manning Pocket Box Kit. The Pocket Box Max Kit is also available, which includes the innovative ProGripspeedlite handle.The Pocket Box Flash Softbox Kit not only includes all three Pocket Box varieties, but also includes an educational DVD from professional photography expert Erin Manning. Erin teaches viewers the basics of camera settings, flash placement, and light modification while photographing children, couples, and more. Erin Manning helps people understand photography and technology by translating technical mumbo-jumbo into everyday words with a friendly teaching style.

Photographing Children - Max

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