In this video, Top Pro Eli Infante walks you through a retro-themed photo shoot using the FJ-X3 Trigger. At this on-location portrait shoot, Eli demonstrates how quick and convenient communicating with an FJ Wireless Flash is with the FJ-X3 wireless trigger.

For this outdoor setup, Eli is using an FJ200 off-camera flash modified with a Beauty Dish Switch by Joel Grimes (24”). Eli wants his shots to feel more naturally lit with a kiss of light from the FJ200 flash. He first captures his model with just ambient lighting and then turns on his flash to give it that subtle pop of light coming in from camera-left.

When connecting to your FJ-X3 Trigger, you want to make sure you are on the same channel and group that your flash is on. This is how the FJ-X3 Triggers and FJ Wireless Flash System know how to communicate with each other. Eli is shooting these portraits in High-Speed Sync (HSS) mode. When using HSS on the FJ-X3m, typically you can increase your shutter speed to be set higher to tone down the ambient light. This will help maintain blue skies in your image. Since Eli’s subject was in a shaded environment, not much power was needed from the FJ200. It was set at power 5.

On-Location With the FJ-X3 Trigger Takeaways

Photographing with the FJ-X3 wireless trigger allows you to seamlessly communicate with your FJ Wireless flashes. When you’re looking for a suitable lighting setup, the FJ Wireless Flash System is an ideal solution for capturing high-quality portraits.

Watch Eli Infante go on-location with an ultra-portable flash setup.

Lighting Gear in Action

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