Shooting in any type of small space can be difficult, especially in a vehicle. Lighting is key in creating beautiful portraits, but shooting softboxes and speedlites isn’t an option when you are confined to a small area. Renowned  photographer and Top Pro Rick Sammon discusses how to utilize the Westcott Ice Light in this portrait shoot for proper lighting without large equipment. Rick uses two Ice Lights for this shoot at Westcott Headquarters in Toledo, Ohio. He places one Ice Light above the car, shining through the sky roof as a hair light or fill light. The second Ice Light is placed in front of the model as a main light. The lighting inside the car is naturally very low. Rick must use a high ISO setting to gain the correct balance, and, as he states, this may create some noise in the image if using a lower-end camera. Rick Sammon also discusses the importance of “filling the frame” with interesting subjects, paying close attention to details that you want to omit from the image.

Westcott Top Pro Elite photographer Rick Sammon has published 36 photography books, is a leader in iPad and iPhone photography apps, and has been nominated for the Photoshop Hall of Fame. Rick is considered one of today’s top digital-imaging experts.

Camera Settings

  • ISO 4000
  • Manual F 6.3
  • 1/30 sec

Westcott Lighting Gear in Action

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