Westcott Top Pro Photographer

Robert Trawick has been a working photographer for over 40 years, including retiring from the USAF as a photojournalist. He has a long list of accomplishments but still has to pay full price at local coffee shops. Robert’s passion for lighting and all things photographic can be quickly assessed in any conversation. His enthusiasm and engaging personality is quickly apparent as Robert enjoys helping others succeed on their personal photography path.

Born in Seville, Spain and traveling the globe has helped Robert understand the diversity of cultures and appreciate the nuances that make everyone different and unique. His approach to lighting is similar in nature, emphasizing the direction of light is the most important element to story-telling and revealing the subject. Robert has been involved in almost every niche of photography, from products to weddings, ultimately deciding in 2020 to focus on more fashion, portraits with flair, commercial, and education.

Robert is the co-host for FotoFacts Podcast, a casual iTunes audio show highlighting photo education and industry influencers. Follow his antics on most social media platforms as “trawickimages”. Robert happily shares life’s beautiful “Instagrams” with the inspirations in his life—a fabulously talented photographer wife, Terri and amazing daughters Amy, Amber, Georgia, and Shannon

Robert Trawick's Favorite Westcott Gear: