For many years, Top Pro photographer, designer, and award-winning author, Scott Kelby was determined to help educators teach photography principles using a convenient and efficient handheld device. Capturing portrait or product photography in a studio is not always accessible for students and teachers, which is why Scott created the Learning Light.

Westcott’s CMO, Brandon Heiss, explains his previous experience as a photography teacher and wisdom about the Learning Light. The Learning Light allows students and beginner photographers to practice photography easily in the comfort of their home or in a photography class setting. This cube-shaped lighting tool provides a variety of lighting techniques ranging from diffused light, direct light and even a fresnel spotlight effect. It is also equipped with a set of gobos for various lighting effects, and a carrying case to commute it with you from your home to the classroom. The Learning Light is strategically designed with an LED light source to avoid getting too hot to hold while shooting photography assignments. By simply turning the dial on the center column of the device, you can switch between various lighting results creating different light patterns on your subject.

Noted by Kelby as the “light you buy before you buy photography lighting”, the Learning Light is an essential part of understanding basic lighting techniques for photography. Once you’ve mastered the Learning Light, you will be able to effortlessly utilize a continuous light like the Westcott Bi-Color Solix, or even advance to an FJ400 Strobe to really amp up your passion for photography.

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Lighting Gear in Action

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