This article discussing the Westcott Ice Light is courtesy of photographer and designer Andy Funderburg of Fundy Software.

Ice Light Child Portrait

Many photographers choose to shoot children and families at the client’s home. Hauling studio lighting, even just a monolight, to a location can be quite a task. Opting for off camera flash is an option, but it can prove difficult to create soft light without bringing extra soft boxes. The Ice Light seems like a perfect solution for both on site studio lighting or a quick set up in the studio.

In this shot I created a simple set up, a key light and a fill light. The Ice Lights have the ability to dim the power, so it is very easy to create a stronger key light and a weaker fill light.

The key light is on the right and I raised it above and tilted it about 30 degrees down.

The fill light I simply mounted straight up and turned down the power until the light looked right. As you can see the light is very directional and extremely soft. The Ice Light is a perfect location tool for kids and family.

Andrew Funderberg - Child Portrait Set Up

Westcott Lighting Gear in Action


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