Featuring a unique and customizable design, theC47 Scrim Jim Cine DP Kit provides the ultimate light control for on-the-go filmmakers, directors of photography, run-and-gun shooters, gaffers, and cinematographers. The DP Kit was developed by Westcott in partnership with Jem Schofield, founder and host of the popular filmmaking educational site theC47. This kit is easy-to-use and can modify, block, bounce, and diffuse any light source imaginable.

In this video, Jem discusses 5 of his favorite and most practical ways of controlling light with the DP Kit. Check them out in detail below!

Bounce Light

The reversible 4′ x 4′ silver and white bounce fabric that is included with theC47 Scrim Jim Cine DP Kit is a perfect size and material for bouncing light onto your subject. Here, Jem is directing a Original Flex Bi-Color 1-Light Set toward the reflective white fabric, which is bouncing a softer output onto his subject.

DP Kit Lighting Setup 1

To complete the cinematic lighting in this shot, he utilises a tungsten gelled Ice Light 2 Daylight LED with barndoors as a hair light and adjusts the practical lights overhead to eliminate an unwanted lighting. A simple silver reflector can be brought in to reflect light for fill, depending on how dramatic you’d like the shot to appear.

Final Image 1 without Fill

Without Fill

Final Image 1 with Fill

With Fill


Diffuse Light

The DP Kit includes a 4 x 4 1-stop diffusion panel, which is perfect for softening and perfecting your main light source. Here, Jem shoots his Flex LED mat through this diffusion, creating a very soft and appealing light source.

DP Kit Setup 2

To complete the lighting in this shot, Jem utilises the available window lighting as a hair light. A compact light source, like the Ice Light, can also be brought in for fill light.

Final 2 without Fill

Final 2 with Fill


Add Shadows

The thick black floppy cutter fabric included with the DP Kit proves to have many uses, as it can expand to 8′ and hang off of the frame. This fabric can be mounted vertically, like Jem places it here, to add full-body negative fill.

DP Kit setup 3

Negative fill creates shadows and adds more drama to your scenes.

Final 3 without negative fill

Without Negative Fill

Final 3 with negative fill

With Negative Fill


Block Light

When shooting near large light sources, like windows or big artificial lights, it is often necessary to precisely control where that light falls. Here, Jem utilises the theC47 Scrim Jim Cine DP Kit‘s floppy cutter fabric to eliminate light spill from his key light (a window) on his background.

DP Kit Setup 4

To complete the cinematic lighting in this shot, he utilises an LED mat as a hair light to add dimension.

Final DP Kit Image 4


Build a “Video Village”

By mounting the DP Kit horizontally like Jem demonstrates below, the floppy cutter will flop down and blocking light from 2 different directions. This is super useful when shooting outdoors, protecting the subject or the camera operator from lots of sunlight.

DP Kit Setup - Video Village

To learn more about thec47 DP Kit and other light control tools, please visit fjwestcott.com/light-controls.

Lighting Gear in Action

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