When working in the studio, celebrated wedding photographer Jerry Ghionis uses the scrim to create beautiful beauty lighting. Invented over 20 years ago, the Scrim Jim system has evolved to become a go-to light control system for photographers and filmmakers. At the core of its design are interchangeable tubes and fabrics giving you the ability to create whatever light control tool you need in any given situation.

Jerry begins with a 4′ x 6′ scrim and 1-stop diffuser placed overhead to soften his strobe. This setup simulates the effect of a softbox but allows for more versatility. When using a scrim to soften a light source, you can place the light source closer or further away from the diffusion fabric to create a larger (and softer) or smaller (and harsher) light.

Behind the Scenes (2) Beauty Lighting

Behind the Scenes Setup 1

Beauty Lighting Portrait by Jerry Ghionis

Overhead Diffusion Only

Scrims are also very useful for bouncing light. Jerry adds a second 4′ x 6′ scrim underneath his subject to add some fill light. This scrim is fitted with white reflective fabrics and mounted to the same stands that are holding the overhead scrim.

Behind the Scenes Beauty Lighting

Behind the Scenes Setup 2

Beauty Lighting Portrait 2 by Jerry Ghionis

Overhead Diffusion + Fill

There are a variety of Scrim Jim Cine fabrics available, including a range of diffusion fabrics, reflective fabrics, nets, and more to really perfect your portrait style.

Learn more about portrait lighting with Jerry here.

Watch how to use a scrim to darken bright backgrounds here.

Lighting Gear in Action

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