Jerry Ghionis is widely regarded as one of the top wedding and portrait photographers in the world. Based in both Melbourne and Beverly Hills, Jerry has developed a successful career based on his unique ability to capture the magic of individuals. In this tutorial, Jerry explains how he creates glamorous high-key portraits with just a single light source.

Instead of attempting to pour light onto a background while also lighting his subject with a key light, Jerry places uses his light source AS the background. By placing the light inside a large 5-foot Octabank, Jerry creates a bright white background.

Behind the Scenes

Jerry then bounces the backlight back onto his subject with his Omega collapsible reflector. This allows him to create a clean, flattering high-key shot with just a single light.

The Omega Reflector 360 is Jerry’s personal design; a modern take on traditional collapsible reflectors. The Omega combines the effects of a traditional reflector with the luxury of a ring flash effect, offering the ultimate in portrait lighting. Unlike traditional reflectors,it features removable center discs, giving you the ability to shoot easily with the reflector out of frame.

The Omega and other 5-in-1 reflectors feature a diffuser with an interchangeable white, silver, sunlight, and black cover. These fabrics have been intelligently organized for convenience. Silver and white fabrics (the most commonly used options) are located opposite each other for instant access.

The white reflective fabric is ideal for creating a soft, neutral reflection and is perfect for beauty shots! The silver reflective fabric creates an edgier look and is ideal for more glamorous shots or working in low-light conditions.

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High-Key Portraits - Silver Reflector (2)

ISO 100 • f8 • 1/250
Silver Reflector


Lighting Gear in Action

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