Westcott Top Pro Elite Erik Valind offers a photography quick tip in this Westcott video. Gaining authentic expression and emotion out from your models and subjects can be a difficult task. Offering a brief back story for your model often helps him or her get “into character”. Erik suggests talking to your models about a specific setting or emotional experience that they can envision throughout the photo shoot. Drawing on these emotions creates fantastic natural expression, enabling a smooth photo shoot with great results. Expression is key in any compelling portrait.

Westcott Top Pro Erik Valind specializes in the creation of compelling commercial work and energetic lifestyle imagery. People are the center of his photography and also serve as his inspiration. Erik has lent his expertise to shape the public image of numerous personas and national brands. Erik also shares his visual approach, techniques and passion for photography internationally as a speaker at major photo conferences, as an author, and online as a Kelby Training instructor.

Featured in this video is a Westcott Modern Vintage backdrop in Dorian. These high-quality backdrops feature a non-reflective, wrinkle-resistant material that is embossed in thick velour.  These backgrounds come in a variety of color that embody a modern spin on classic, vintage patterns and come with built in pole pockets for easy hanging on a standard backdrop support system.


Westcott Lighting Gear in Action

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