In this video, Westcott Top Pro Elite Photographer Erin Manning shows us how to use a reflector to greatly improve the quality of her photos.  She uses a Home Studio Lighting Kit as her main source of light, with a Westcott Basics 5 in 1 Reflector as a fill light.  Erin also discusses what settings to use with the Home Studio Lighting Kit, as well as some basic composition tips.

The Erin Manning Home Studio Lighting Kit contains a two light setup.  These two lights have 20″ x 20″ softboxes so that the light coming from them is diffused and soft.  The light source in the Home Studio Lighting Kit is daylight balanced so there is no need to worry about eliminating ugly color casts in photoshop.

Erin also uses a Westcott Basics 40″ 5 in 1 Reflector to add some fill during this  photoshoot.  These reflectors come in a variety of fabrics and sizes.  A reflector is referred to by some photographers as the most valuable piece of equipment to have in their photo bag.  5 in 1 reflectors have the ability to not only reflect light onto the subject, but also diffuse light, and subtract light.

Using a Reflector to fill light-2 Using a Reflector to fill light-1

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