Photographer Patrick F. from The Woodlands, TX reviews the Bob and Dawn Davis Perfect Pair Kit in this week’s Real Deal Review.

The Perfect Pair Kit includes two lights.  The first light is the Medium Apollo, a light modifier that is built on an umbrella frame making it very easy to setup.  It measures 28″ and gives off a square catch light in your subject’s eyes. All of the Apollos include recessed edges which helps give a more directional light source, and limited loss of light. For more direct lighting, the Perfect Pair Kit comes with a grid for the Apollo which helps focus the light.  The second light modifier in the Kit is the Halo.  The Halo is a shoot through umbrella that has an enclosed backing.  When you direct your speedlite into this backing, the light travels a longer distance, therefore providing a softer light.  When you direct your speedlite through the front of the Halo, it acts as a shoot through umbrella and you get a more specular look.  Along with the light modifiers, the Perfect Pair Kit comes with two stands, and two cold-shoe tilter brackets that allow you to mount speedlites to them.

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Westcott Lighting Gear in Action

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