In this behind the scenes look, filmmaker and producer Jem Schofield offers an overview of the Flex Cube modifier.

The Flex Collapsible China Cube is an awesome new solution for filmmakers and cinematographers looking to create soft overhead lighting with Flex 1’ x 1’ and 2’ x 2’ LED mats. This unique softbox is a 1 ¼-stop collapsible diffusion cube designed for unmatched portability and ease of use.

This extremely lightweight softbox takes the difficulty out of creating vast overhead light in any video production, as demonstrated here. Featuring adjustable built-in mounting straps and removable black blocks, the Flex Collapsible China Cube can be mounted instantly and precisely direct light in any scene.

Flex Collapsible China Cube - Behind the Scenes

Flex Collapsible China Cube Behind the Scenes

This new modifier softens and evenly distributes lighting from the Flex LED mat to create a beautiful and flattering setup.

Flex Collapsible China Cube - Results

Final Image

To learn more about the Flex China Cube, watch this video here.

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Lighting Gear in Action

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