Join Westcott Top Pro Rafael “RC” Concepcion and the Kelby Media Group as they review the Skylux LED Continuous Light.  The Skylux is one of the newest lighting systems in the Westcott lineup. It packs 1000 watts of dimmable continuous light.  The best part of continuous light is the ability to own the same lights for photography as you would own for videography.  The light coming from the Skylux is a daylight balanced 5600 degrees kelvin, which provides a very clean color temperature to your scene. Another great feature of the new Skylux is the ability to mount nearly any modifier to these lights. Along with mounting an umbrella through the unit, you can add softboxes, grids, snoots, and, as utilized in this video, barn doors. All of this is possible due to the Bowens-S Type mount built right into the Skylux. Rafael demonstrates and discusses all of these features throughout this review. He then walks us through a brief shoot with the Skylux.

Another new Westcott item featured in this video is the Rapid Box XL which is a light modifier that pops open just as easy as an umbrella.  No more wrestling with posts in your lights, this one pushes open very similar to the Speedlite Rapid Box and allows you to shoot in just moments. This  light modifer also work on strobe units, as demonstrated above.

Westcott Gear in Action

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