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“My answer is YES YES YES. I love the Ice Light. The first thing that attracted me to it is the quality of light. It really blew away any of those cheap video lights out there.” – Jen Rozenbaum

I often get asked what I do in my free time. Usually my response is, WHAT FREE TIME? Between my family and my business I don’t often get a break. That is part of why I love teaching photography so much. It allows me a few days away from my business and family responsibilities to connect with other photographers, and shoot without any responsibility to a client. Shooting for yourself and trying new things is so important to stay fresh and creative. It’s something I don’t do enough of, but I promised myself after this event that I would at least once a month. I was reminded at After Dark Education last week why I love photography so much, and that it can still be a hobby and a business at the same time.

After Dark is one of the best, most fun, outrageous way to educate yourself about all aspects of photography. If you are a photographer, with any amount of experience – there is something to be learned by the amazing mentor team. This time around we were in Kansas City. I was blown away by the locations people found and how creative everyone got.

I taught classes that ranged from posing, to how to give your client the best high end experience you can. Sometimes it’s what happens between the classes that is just magical. A few women that wanted to learn more and spend some time experimenting and I grabbed a model, an Ice Light and made our way up to my room. I wanted to just play, I wanted a more editorial feel. Grungy glamour.

I get asked all the time about the Ice Light. Is it easy to use? What do the pics look like? Is it worth the price?

My answer is YES YES YES. I love the light. The first thing that attracted me to it is the quality of light. It really blew away any of those cheap video lights out there. The light is daylight balanced which is another bonus for me. I often shoot with day light and this light is amazing for those days where you need a little fill or a pop of light and the reflector is just not cutting it.

This time around, when we grabbed the model and brought her to our room, it was LATE. (They don’t call it After Dark for nothing!) So we experimented with shooting in complete darkness, only lighting her with the Ice Light. It works here because the walls were light and worked as reflectors, at the same time creating awesome shadows that really gives it that editorial feel I was going for.

The light is rechargeable (say goodbye to those annoying batteries), easy to travel with (although I did get a few looks at airport security) and easy to use. Thank you Westcott for making this awesome tool. If you want to purchase this light you can do so here:

Here’s a sample of what we got that night – You can’t argue that the ice light is sure heating it up!!

{These shots were all taken with my Nikon D3S, Nikkor 85mm at 800 ISO, F/1.8, Shutter Speed ranging from 1/60 – 1/125}

Ice Light - Boudoir Ice Light - Boudoir Ice Light - Boudoir

Westcott Lighting Gear in Action


Originally posted on Between The Sheets on Sept 18, 2012 by Jennifer Rozenbaum.

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