In this video from SPTV, Bob Davis demonstrates how to perfectly light a couple during a real-life engagement session.

Chicago portrait and wedding photographer Bob Davis is a 25 year veteran of photography, specializing in speedlite shooting. Here, Bob utilizes speedlites modified with the 🔗 to capture beautiful portraits of his clients. By adding the softened flash, Bob is able to highlight features of his subjects, while balancing the unattractive ambient lighting.

The 🔗Perfect Portrait Kit includes a 45″ Halo, 28″ Apollo, a 40-degree Apollo grid, two adjustable shoe mount brackets, two light stands, and a travel bag. Built on an umbrella frame, Halo and Apollo light modifiers set up in seconds. They are perfect modifier for on-location shooting as they need no additional adapters or speedrings. The Halo series takes simplicity to a whole new level. Apollo and Halo frames are constructed using durable fiberglass components, with no plastic to break or metal to bend.

Lighting Gear in Action