New Jersey portrait photographer Andrew Foord shot with the innovative Eyelighter reflector in this latest Real Deal Review. The Westcott Eyelighter is the first curved reflector available for portrait photographers.

Featuring a durable frame and highly-reflective silver surface, the Eyelighter produces a clamshell reflection with a beautiful catchlight. This arc-shaped reflector was inspired by the unique curved shaped of the human eye. Specifically designed for beauty and portrait photography, this unique reflector creates catchlights that follow the shape of a subject’s iris. Unlike triflectors, this catchlight is seamless, without unflattering gaps.

This reflection unique to the Eyelighter and is obtainable without handheld reflectors, as Andrew mentions. This gives models and subjects the ability to move around on set though out the shoot. The Eyelighter is constructed with an aluminum frame that does not require tools to assemble. This frame mounts easily to any standard light stand. Assembly and tear down are simple, taking Andrew less than 10 minutes to assemble in his studio.

Eyelighter: Real Deal Review FinalAndrew Foord: Real Deal Review Final 2

Lighting Gear in Action:

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