Georgetown, Kentucky resident Amy White discusses the features of the Erin Manning Home Studio Lighting Kit in this Westcott Real Deal Review. Relatively new to studio photography, Amy was interested in finding a lighting kit that was lightweight and easy to store, with simple set-up. Amy was pleased with the size and weight of the softboxes included in this kit. She demonstrates how fluidly the light stand brackets angle for light adjustment and how easily these brackets lock into place. The included diffusion panels are easy to place and hold snug to the softboxes due to velcro edging. Amy also appreciates the wattage of the fluorescent lamps; these bulbs stay cool for safety, which is especially helpful when shooting infants and children. In this Real Deal Review, Amy also discusses her appreciation for the Westcott customer service team that she contacted when she discovered a fault in her light stand. The stand was replaced within two days!

The Erin Manning Home Studio Lighting Kit gives photography enthusiasts the tools to obtain professional-quality photographs in the comfort of their home. Included in this kit are two uLite constant lights, two 85-watt fluorescent lamps, two 20″ collapsible softboxes, and two 6′ light stands. The uLite is one of the first collapsible softboxes designed to give photographers the amazing light quality of a traditional style softbox, without the tedious set up. With one simple push, this softbox takes form and locks into place. Although designed to be compact in nature, they project an extremely broad area of light coverage. The daylight-balanced fluorescent bulbs produce a flattering light source.  This soft and natural lighting will stay cool to the touch and run for more than 8,000 hours at consistent color. Westcott Top Pro Erin Manning also includes an educational DVD in this kit. This award-winning DVD hosted by Erin features setup, usage and creativity tips with the Home Studio Lighting Kit. She demonstrates photographing a head shot for online profiles, creating a pizza party invitation, capturing a play date with toddler twins, and more.

Team Westcott would like to thank Amy for this great Real Deal Review. If you are interested in receiving free gear and creating a video review, enter here for a chance to be the next Real Deal Reviewer!

Westcott Lighting Gear in Action


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