Capturing professional senior portraits doesn’t require expensive lighting equipment, especially when your client wants to shoot on location. In this video, Kentucky-based photographer Matt Hernandez demonstrates how to best use a portable reflector to perfect natural light.

All collapsible reflectors are ideal tools for getting professional-quality lighting in location photography. They’re compact, easy to travel with, easy to use, and they don’t require power, batteries, triggers, etc.

Unlike traditional reflectors, however, the [plink sku=”5577″ alt=”Omega Reflector 360″] has even more benefits. Featuring removable center discs that detach instantly, the Omega’s shoot-through design gives photographers the ability to keep the reflector out of frame with ease.

Natural Light for Senior Portraits: Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

By shooting straight-on, the Omega 360 creates incredible catch lights that make eyes pop, simulating the effects of a ring light. This also instantly produces a main light and backlight with just sunlight.

All collpsible reflectors can be handheld or mounted to a [plink sku=”9910N” alt=”light stand”] with a [plink sku=”5571″ alt=”reflector arm”].

Natural Light Senior Portrait

Natural Light Senior Portrait 2

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Lighting Gear in Action

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