While shooting on-location in a beautiful cathedral in Ohio, celebrity photographer Bob Davis knew he wanted to make the venue a part of the story. This meant that he’d need to capture his subjects in various locations and do so quickly to get them back to their party. This is called run-and-gun photography for a reason.

For wedding photographers, nothing is more important than using professional gear that is both portable and easy to use. They are constantly on the move and always need to be ready to capture those special moments. Often times, this fast-paced environments makes professional lighting difficult.

To maintain quality portrait lighting during weddings, Bob travels with the Perfect Pair Kit. This simple umbrella-style modifier kit is compatible with both strobes and speedlites. Since both modifiers are ridiculously lightweight, moving them around from spot to spot is a piece of cake.

By having two modifiers with him at all times, Bob is able to choose the best modifier for each location. Or, he can utilize both modifiers for the same shot when a fill light or back light is needed.

Run-and-Gun Wedding Lighting with Bob Davis 2

Behind the Scenes

Run-and-Gun Wedding Lighting Portrait 3

ISO 1000 • f3.5 • 1/80

The Perfect Pair Kit, curated by Bob, includes a 45″ Halo (which creates a broad spread of light), a 28″ Apollo (which creates a more direct light), and a removable Apollo grid (for even further light control). Lightweight light stands and tiltable speedlite brackets are also included in this must-have kit for run-and-gun photography.

Run-and-Gun Wedding Lighting with Bob Davis 1

Behind the Scenes

Run-and-gun Wedding Lighting Portrait 1

ISO 1250 • f3.5 • 1/160

Both the Halo and Apollo softboxes collapsible quickly for travel in the kit’s durable case.

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Run-and-gun Wedding Lighting with Bob Davis

Behind the Scenes

Run-and-gun Wedding Lighting Portrait 2

ISO 800 • f5 • 1/60

Lighting Gear in Action

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