Posing just a single subject can be difficult, let alone an entire sports team. Talented sports and senior photographer Matt Hernandez has perfected team and group shots with these quick portrait-posing tips.

Sports Team Posing Pro Tips

    1. If you want to make your client’s team look tough or intimidating, shoot from a lower angle. This is especially important when utilizing a wide-angle lens since the lens can distort your angle and make it appear as though you are looking down on your subject.
    2. Eliminating typical smiling faces can also help create a more domineering look.
Group Portrait Pose 1

Before: Shot Straight On

Group Portrait Pose 2

After: Shot at a Lower Angle without Smiling

  1. Vary the team members poses to add a sense of interest and uniqueness to your images. Most photographs pose teams or group in a straight line. By varying each player’s pose or direction, your images look more thought-out and professional.
  2. Use props sparingly to add interest and reference to the sport.

    Group Portrait Pose 3

    Final: Shot at a Lower Angle with Varied Poses and Fewer Props

Watch how Matt lit these images here.

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