Photographer Chris Garrison from Orlando, FL uses the Apollo Orb and the Large Scrim Jim Kit to create killer images on a recent lifestyle photo shoot of Professional wakeboarder Chad Sharpe. Watch how the Westcott dear stands up to the elements when Chris actually places his light stands in the water for the lifestyle photo shoot.

The Apollo Orb is a light modifier that is built on an umbrella frame making it very easy to setup.  It measures 43″ and gives off a round catch light in your subject’s eyes. All of the Apollos include recessed edges which helps give a more directional light source, and limited loss of light.

The Large Scrim Jim Kit is a useful photography tool that allows photographers to diffuse light, reflect light, cut down light, or completely block light.  With the variety of available fabrics, the Scrim Jim is one of the most diverse tools in the photography industry.  In this lifestyle photoshoot, Chris uses the Scrim Jim to get more spread on his light

Chris Garrison is a Red Bull photographer and Westcott endorsed Top Pro.

Westcott Lighting Gear in Action

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