This lighting setup and final image was provided by photographer Jim Schmelzer.  Jim used the Westcott Medium Scrim Jim overhead his subject so that there were no shadows on the football player, and that he could completely control the light that reached his subjects.  Jim then used a 50″ Mega Apollo to fully light the football portrait.

The Medium Scrim Jim Kit is a useful photography tool that allows photographers to diffuse light, reflect light, cut down light, or completely block light.  With the variety of available fabrics, the Scrim Jim is one of the most diverse tools in the photography industry.  In this video, Erik uses the Scrim Jim in a variety of ways to diffuse light and alter the light.

The 50″ Mega Apollo featured in this setup is built on an umbrella frame making it very easy to setup.  Measuring at 50″ inches, the Mega Apollo is the largest light modifier in the Apollo series, giving the softest output for speedlite photographers.  The Mega Apollo is also large enough to enclose a small strobe unit, due to the open space inside.  All of the Apollos include recessed edges which helps give a more directional light source, and limited loss of light.

Football Portrait Shoot Gallery

Photo Details and Specs

  • Aperture: F4.5
  • Shutter Speed: 1/250 sec
  • ISO: 50
  • Focal Length: 160 mm
  • Date/Time: August 17, 2005 1:18pm
  • Copyright Jim Schmelzer

Westcott Lighting Gear in Action


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